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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Russell Todd (Jamie) Interview (Click on the link for more)

"I still stay in touch with Carmen Duncan (Iris), John Aprea (Lucas) and my dad from the show, George Reinholt (Steve). I always laugh when we speak because he jokingly calls me Son and I call him Dad. John lives here in LA, and I see Carmen when she comes to the States from Australia. All of the cast have gone our separate ways and it's hard to stay in touch, but nothing can stop the great memories of being part of the "Another World" family."

Alla Korot (Jenna) Interview (Click on the link for more)

"I had two auditions in LA and screen tested in NY by performing two scenes; one with Linda Dano, and the second with Ricky Paull Goldin. One of my scenes was very emotional where I was required to break down in tears, and because I was so nervous I became extremely emotional which ultimately worked in my favor. Sometime later, I came to find out that when they made the decision to hire me, the decision makers wondered whether I was a great actress or have deep emotional issues."


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