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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Part #1

AWT: What do you think Felicia had been doing for the past ten years?
LD: I believe that Felicia Gallant took the next obvious step with her writing. She’s a world-renowned romance writer, so I believe she’s gone into making her books into films. She’s sort of Nora Roberts, she’s Judith Krantz. I believe she lives in Hollywood, in fact I even believe she lives in Hollywood Hills. It’s a very old Spanish mansion, very private, with a great view, and she can see the Hollywood sign. She’s Norma (Desmond), no question.

AWT: And her personal life?
LD: The great love of her life was Lucas. That will never come again. But I think she has… acquaintances. No one really stays over, though. She doesn’t really want that. She doesn’t want to wake up and see you in the morning. “I think you’re divine, but you need to go home now” is her motto. There’s no taking care of a man or any of that nonsense for her now.

AWT: What about Felicia’s relationship with her daughters, Lorna and Jenna?
LD: I’m sure they both have children now, and I’m sure that she’s a wonderful Grandma. She’s Mame! She’s Mame only as a Grandma. She adores them, she buys them lavish gifts and spoils them rotten, and then it's: “Leave me alone.”


Blogger Annette said...

So Felicia is now a cross between Norma & Mame? LOL :-) BTW ~ Happy Birthday, Linda!

May 12, 2009 at 1:32 PM  

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