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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


When Ada McGowan gave birth to her late in life daughter, Nancy, in 1974, the newborn was played by Danielle Burns, who stayed in the role for a whopping nine years before the character was inevitably aged into a teenager. (Considering that most babies on soaps are SORASed right around the time they start walking into pre-schoolers due to toddlers being notoriously difficult to work with, Danielle must have been an extraordinary tot, indeed!).

Now, Danielle is back in soaps, headlining the web-series, "Our World." Another World Today caught up with Danielle for a look back at growing up in Bay City, and what she's up to now!

AWT: How did you get into show business?

DB: My sister was in commercials and my mother took me on one of her auditions when I was 6 weeks old. I slept through the whole audition and my sister's agent asked my mom if she could book me for AW. (Ed. Note: Aha! I knew it! The sleeping baby gets the part!)

AWT: What was it like growing up on the set of AW? What are some of your favorite memories? How did you learn your lines? Who did you work with primarily and what are your memories of them?

DB: It was a lot of fun. I was on it more frequently as a young child and it was always an adventure going there. I remember the smell of the makeup the most and whenever I am in a theater and smell that again it comes right back! I didn't have many lines but those I did I learned by my mom quizzing me on the trip. I worked most with Constance Ford who was amazing - so nice and warm and welcoming of my family. I also worked a lot with Douglas Watson and Victoria Wyndham. There were others too who were very kind but who I don't remember as well.

AWT: What did you do after leaving AW? Did you stay in show business or pursue a different field?

DB: I was just under 10 when I left AW so I was back to "normal" in school. I did act in school plays but nothing of note and did not pursue show business afterwards.

AWT: Tell us about your current project. What brought you back to soaps? How is "Our World" different from "Another World?" How are they the same?

DB: I'm so excited to be a part of "Our World." Creator Jordan (von Haslow) and I have been friends for years. He's was huge "Another World" fan. In fact, when he learned of my "secret soap past" he kept singing the theme song at me for about two weeks straight! When he began assembling a team for the show, he asked me if I wanted to participate. I immediately said yes. I have such wonderful memories of my time on "Another World" and have kept up with other soaps off and on through the years. I'm intrigued by the online transition the industry is going through and am happy to be a part of it. The biggest difference between "Our World" and "Another World" is, obviously, that my work now is all voiceover. So there isn't the smell of the make up, and I no longer need my mother to quiz me with my lines! What is the same is the strong story. AW told and OW tells an interesting, family-based story. Although there's lots of drama and some of the characters do not-so-nice things, they're all three-dimensional. They all have motivation, which makes you root for them even if you love to hate them.

AWT: Who is your character? What does she want? What's the most soapy thing about her? What can viewers look forward to from her?

DB: I play a character also named Danielle. She's secretary at the prep school the two young leads attend. I think the soapiest thing about her is her nosiness. The students are the children of the town's movers and shakers, and Danielle is eager to learn and spread their juicy dirty
laundry. Viewers can expect Danielle to be in the wrong place and the right time, always ready to deliver a snappy one-liner.

AWT: Is there anything you'd like to say to fans who still remember you from AW?

DB: If fans do remember, I would say thank you. I really enjoyed my experience and over the course of my time there, I received bags of fan
mail as well as gifts and that added to the experience.

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