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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


AWT: You played Kate on Somerset and one of the many Pattis on Search for Tomorrow prior to taking on the role of Olivia on Another World in 1980. How was Olivia different from your previous daytime characters?

TS: Olivia was very smart, as was Kate. Both were career women, but Kate was more manipulating, as her main job was Julian Cannell, and Olivia's was being a Nobel prize winning cardiologist. Patti was just sweeter by far and not interested in career at all. Her family mattered most

AWT: What are some of your favorite memories from your days in Bay City? Is there a scene or a storyline that particularly stands out in your mind?

TS: I liked being with Russ and having a crush on him. Loved the great clothes I got to wear I must say!

AWT: Do you have any thoughts on where Olivia would be now and what she'd be doing? (Many AW fans presume that Olivia ended up marrying Russ off-screen and was the mother of his daughter, also named Olivia, though that was never confirmed on-screen.)

TS: I imagine she did marry Russ and have the daughter, Olivia. I think they happily worked together forever - work was her life and his, too.

AWT: After AW, you moved to Guiding Light as Lillian, a much more passive, victimized character. Was that a difficult transition to make? How did it affect your acting choices?

TS: Lillian was hard for me to play. She had no backbone and this bothered me. I remember using Edith from All In the Family as the person I was being like. She just said 'yes' and did what she was told. Very hard for me, but I did it.

AWT: What are your favorite memories from Springfield?

TS: Springfield has been heaven. My memories of Lillian and Buzz, and the Lillian, Ed, Maureen triangle, and being the mother of Beth are wonderful acting memories as is the breast cancer story. I loved my wonderful twenty-six years in Springfield, and I will miss it so much. We are such a family there and love one another so very much.

AWT: Now that GL has come to an end, what are your plans for the future? Where may your fans plan to see you next?

TS: I am doing a play I co-wrote called Changing Shoes. Please go to and read about it. It opens in Atlanta on Sept 25 for a two-week run . I have been on every talk show down there and have a book coming out with the same title. So I am very busy, but will miss my GL. I loved it and am loving this next stage as well.


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